160: How Marissa Schulze Built A Team of 30+ staff

The sole operator mentality can only take mortgage brokers so far. At some point, brokers will need to delegate key responsibilities to their team members. This will allow them to focus on the strategic and operational decisions and actions that keep their broking practices moving forward. 

Marissa Schulze, the director of Rise High Financial Solutions, joins me for this episode of The Successful Adviser. She and I discuss common growing pains and how she grew from a practice of one to a thriving practice of more than 30 team members.  Tune in to discover how to maintain a cohesive working culture and how to maintain a great client experience as your practice expands.  

The Key Questions:

  • Why do many mortgage brokers hesitate to hire more staff? (9:17)
  • How do you know when you should hire an additional team member? (11:13)
  • How do you maintain a great company culture while growing your team? (20:30)
  • How can you maintain a great client experience after leaving the trenches? (26:03)

What You’ll Discover:

  • How Marissa achieves work-life balance as a mother of two (7:29)
  • Hiring employees vs. subcontractors (12:51)
  • Marissa’s approach to team-building exercises and events (23:04)
  • The importance of trust in broker-client relationships (29:23)



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