110: How Nathan Taddeo is Writing Less to Grow the Business More

Occasionally, it’s easy to label high performing brokers as a ‘machine’ who just pump out the deals like a production line.

In reality, like many high performers, Nathan Taddeo shares that his success is really a combination of many attributes brought together.

And, this has evolved over time as the business has reinvented itself.

From a ‘one-stop finance shop’, they decided to divest their interests in accounting and financial planning and focus solely on the one thing they are great at and could build their reputation around – lending solutions.

In doing so, they found it was easier to establish new referral relationships and drive an increase in lead volume. And, as Nathan explains, this was from ‘traditional’ and non-traditional referral sources.

Either way, that move paid off where Nathan and the team now have an abundant lead supply and their focus is on nurturing relationships, building trust, and delivering an exceptional level of service which is at the heart of their business model.

Though Nathan’s personal volumes are still impressive, they have been marginally decreasing so he can establish the right level of support back of the house to ensure deals move quickly through to formal approval, while also growing the broking team.

The result?  Credo Financial’s total volumes have grown 20% and look set to grow even more.

Like Nathan says, he backs his process, backs his people and together, they genuinely believe in the value of what they are doing, which is a powerful combination to build upon.

By the same token, Nathan readily admits there are days he wakes up and wonders what they are doing – which I refer to as being human.  We all have moments of doubt, and it’s not the doubt or the challenge that defines us, but our decisions and actions as to how we move forward.

If you’d like to connect with Nathan or the team @ Credo Financial, you can do so here:


Credo Financial Website

Credo Financial Facebook page

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