114: How Paul Wright Transitioned from Broker to Business Owner

If you’re an established, busy broker who is considering to hire or you have hired other people to help carry the load, you’ll enjoy this conversation with Paul Wright.

Paul exemplifies many of the qualities we have come to see and expect of high performing brokers.

Diligent, professional, build trust, nurtures relationships and strong commercial acumen are a handful of the qualities that come easily to mind.

Equally, Paul has also made the transition into a successful business owner, where he’s established a loyal and productive team of people who do a lot of the heavy lifting to consistently deliver great client outcomes.

Like many who’ve walked this path, Paul built collaborative relationships with other professionals so they could create new opportunities for each other, which is complemented by ongoing service to turn clients into his referral army.

Impressively, Paul has firm boundaries around client appointments, which are all conducted in-office between 9:30 to 5:30 pm.  This structure enables if not forces Paul to be highly productive during office hours so he can enjoy quality time with those who matter most to him.

In our interview, Paul also talks about some simple yet powerful ways to engage and demonstrate care and commitment to his employees – which in turn earns their loyalty and mitigates his biggest internal risk – losing staff and needing to train a new person.


Paul Wright’s MoneyQuest website

Contact Paul: 02 4229 5459

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