140: How Richard Bootle Built the Largest Conveyancing Firm in Australia

The journey of Richard Bootle has certainly been an interesting one. 

Born in rural New South Wales, Richard went onto boarding school and university in Sydney before a stint at a large corporate law firm.  

It was during his time at the large law firm that Richard answered the calling to return to his family roots and operate a local law firm.

But, what to do when there’s already a law firm already established in your local town?  Buy them out.  And it was with this acquisition strategy that LawLab has become the nation’s largest conveyancing firm.

As Richard readily admits though, it’s one thing to buy a company’s client list or infrastructure.  It’s quite another to ‘buy the people’, which is why integrating one business culture into another is not as simple as it might sound.

In this interview, Richard also discusses how their business has invested heavily in building innovative technology that enables them to scale up the service offering without a substantial increase in operating overheads or impact on service levels.

If you’ve thought about buying a book, partnering with others, or considering strategies to growing your broking business, I think you’ll find this interview inspiring and insightful.


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