134: How Richard Crabb is Bringing Regulation to an Industry Full of Sharks

As someone who has been at the raw end of a property spruiker, I can say with absolute certainty that it does make a difference who consumers and investors get their advice from.

Get it wrong, and you’re stuck with an expensive lemon.   Get it right, and it can be a building block to creating financial security.  

In this episode, Richard Crabb, managing director of Aspire Property Network shares how their business model brings rigour, structure and professionalism to consumers to help them make objective, informed decisions around investing in property.

After 15 years in finance, Richard decided to take his knowledge, back himself and create a company founded on principles of transparency, ethics, and advice so he could sleep at night while knowing his clients are taken care of.

And now, through a national team of independent advisors, Aspire continues to set the benchmark in terms of a service proposition that helps consumers achieve what they ultimately want, financial peace of mind.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Richard and if you would like to find out more, visit their website for a host of resources.

Aspire Property Network website




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