118: How Sam Carrello took his ‘Start-up’ Brokerage to a Top 100 performer in Year One


At the surface, Sam Carrello comes across as a stereotypical Western Australian – laid back, friendly, happy with life.

And, though Sam is all these things, he’s also an astute broker who is quickly making headway with his operation, Napoleon Finance.

With broking experience accumulated over several years at some of Perth’s largest brokerages, Sam took a year’s hiatus from broking before returning with a vengeance.

And, unlike most ‘start-up’ business, Sam was able to connect with former referral partners to reignite the relationship and quickly drive new enquiry and write significant volumes virtually from Day 1.

In fact, they were good enough to earn him a guernsey in the MPA Top 100 in his first year under the brand.

Coupled with the proximity to the Perth CBD, their commitment to exceptional customer experience and his personal reputation, fortuitously, the team @ Napoleon Finance has been ‘shielded’ from some of the tougher market conditions that exist in WA.

With a goal to continue running a high-performance business, Sam is equally passionate about empowering his team to be the best they can and delivering a service that clients will tell others about.


Napoleon Finance website

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