146: How Sarah Wells became the Financial Psychologist for Medicos

Straight up, that headline is definitely correct, though it’s one of a few titles Sarah Wells uses to describe how she delivers service.

With a large portion of her clientele being medical professionals, Sarah has become their trusted advisor to give them the clarity, advice and confidence to achieve their goals. 

Or, as Sarah calls them, to get the Unicorn or at the Zebra.

Moreover, in the conversation with Sarah, topics we touch on include:


  • How she frames up a consultation to put her clients completely at ease
  • Fee for service and value-based-pricing
  • Strategies to capitalise on a niche 
  • And the 2% rule around how to help a client expand what they think is possible for them to achieve


If you would like to reach out and continue the conversation with Sarah, you can email her, call on on 0411 725 525, or connect on LinkedIn

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