156: How Successful Brokers Communicate with Clients (It Results in Conversions)

There are many nice, polite, pleasant, and well-meaning brokers out there. But sometimes their communication style often doesn’t result in the number of conversions, income or lifestyle they want to achieve. 

Instead, because of their generous nature, they can be weighed down by carrying other people’s stress and occasionally have clients or staff walk all over them, which causes them to work harder, but not necessarily have more to show for it.

In this episode of The Successful Adviser, I sit down with Sofie Chapman, a veteran finance and mortgage broker based out of Adelaide. We discuss how brokers can reassess their communication strategies in high-stakes situations. 

After all, mastering the art of effective communication will help every broker seize the outcomes they’re after.  

The Key Questions:

  • Do “nice brokers” achieve the results they want? (7:25)
  • What’s the difference between communicating effectively vs. authentically? (9:35)
  • How can brokers ensure that their communication is crystal-clear? (10:38)
  • Does being stubborn in the right contexts pay off? (24:46)

What You’ll Discover:

  • The importance of projecting confidence (9:10)
  • A tip on working with first-time buyers (11:35)
  • A tip on communicating with clients when things aren’t smooth-sailing (26:35)
  • Why having a continuous improvement strategy is so important (28:29)

You can listen to this episode right here.

To your continued success,


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