087: How to Build A Saleable Asset With Greg Hocking

Greg Hocking is by no means your average real estate agent.  As founder of one of Melbourne’s quickest growing real estate groups,  Greg Hocking Real Estate, and formerly a previously a co-founder of Hocking Stuart, one of Melbourne’s most iconic real estate groups, Greg has built an envious personal and professional reputation.  During this interview, Greg outlines several attributes that have enabled him to build a saleable asset, twice.

The conversation with Greg focuses on his personal journey, and he shares the wisdom he’s gained in building two successful brands in a highly competitive marketplace.

Greg takes us under the hood at the attributes that built consistency into the performance of sales agents across the 42 offices of the Hocking Stuart group, and how he is now instilling these qualities within Hocking Real Estate to scale up quickly while ensuring quality of service and results are maintained.

Greg talks about:

  • The importance of culture within a business – whether that be a business of 1 or 100
  • The methodical approach they took to building out their franchise model
  • His experiences of being well serviced by mortgage brokers, and how other brokers can do the same
  • The importance of developing staff to retain them, to enable them to perform better and to provide them with a career path and future grow within their network

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Greg Hocking Website

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