094: How to create ongoing deal flow with Louisa Sanghera

When Louisa Sanghera, founder of Zippy Finance envisaged being a mortgage broker, it was to build a business and brand that was reputed for providing outstanding service and quick turnaround for clients.

In fact, Louisa’s vision was bigger than just being a successful broker – it was a vision of running a successful broking business where, over time, she could step back from the ‘broking part’ and work strategically on her business and build an outstanding team who could help deliver on the value proposition and achieve great outcomes for clients.

That vision is now very much a reality, with Louisa having established a rock solid and trusted reputation amongst several professional networks – where she now receives referrals on an ongoing basis – many of which are from people that have come to know her as a trusted and reliable person who provides outstanding value and advice.

In our candid interview, it didn’t go at all as planned, which I’m thankful for, because it allowed me to explore aspects of Louis’s business that I hope both inspires and excites you about what is possible for your business too.

Whether you’re wanting to build scale, more consistency or a great team to work alongside you, I am sure this interview will provide exceptional insights for you.

Some of the insights you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Zippy Finance has built a strong, trusted reputation amongst it’s target market
  • How Louisa plans to extend the value proposition and revenue model
  • Louisa’s mindset around structuring and building her business
  • Louisa’s philosophy and approach to generating a lot of leads through social media => suffice to say, it almost certainly isn’t what you would expect to hear

If you’d like to connect with Louisa:

Zippy Finance


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