093: How to get your people to perform the way you want with Jason Cunningham

Arguably one of the biggest challenges for any business, mortgage broker or otherwise, is finding the right people who are responsible, driven – and who can make a positive and valuable contribution to the culture and bottom line.

That’s why, in this revealing interview with Jason Cunningham, co-founder of The Practice, a multi-million dollar professional services practice, Jason shares his insights to how business owners can lead and support their staff to ensure stay with the company longer, perform better and deliver on the business’ promise to its clientele.

By his own admission though, Jason started the same as well do – with no clients, no money and not much of an idea – and quickly hustled to build a client base and some momentum.

20 years on and things look a lot different. In addition to working in a strategic capacity in his own business, Jason also mentors many other professionals and is a sought after speaker and media personality.

Some of the insights you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The importance of a mission statement to provide a roadmap for the business
  • Why knowing your why is a must and begging with the end in mind
  • How to bring on more loan writers to move away from being ‘self employed’ – and own a business that brings in revenue by leveraging other people’s time
  • Allow people to create a business within a business – so they want to stay longer, work harder, earn more and make a valuable contribution
  • Support people in operating on their genius – so they can use their best skills to be part of something meaningful

If you’d like to connect with Jason:

The Practice website

Email Jason

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