109: How to Run a Great Brokerage with Joel Wyld

He might be Wyld by name, but when it comes to the lending solutions, Joel Wyld is anything but.

 As the founder of Peasy, Joel’s honesty in this interview is refreshing in that even though the team at Peasy are committed to exceptional service standards, he readily admits there are still opportunities for improvement, which will bring about future growth.

After transitioning out of AFG and into another broking business, Joel found the first 12 months tough going.  With persistence and tenacity, he was able to scrape by, and eventually, build a more stable client base.

 Then, he transitioned and moved into Oxygen Home Loans, and though they have strong relationships with the McGrath estate agencies, he found that most businesses were coming through relationships outside of the office.

 Enter Peasy.

Peasy was where Joel could build his business his way without needing committees or red tape to make things happen.

In collaboration with his wife Amanda, together, they have built the foundations of the business, where Amanda’s structured and process-oriented style complements Joels’ more outgoing and optimistic approach.

These days, as the business matures, they’ve allocated specific team members with different personalities to perform the various roles to ensure the expectations and service standards remain high.

Like many other high performers, Joel has invested in good quality operational and administrative help to ensure clients continue to be serviced beyond settlement.

With a future goal of not just growing volumes, but growing a family as well, Joel will have a lot on his plate to keep himself challenged and occupied.

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Phone: 0428 863 159

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