How To Work Remotely

How To Work Remotely

When it comes to working ‘remotely’, technology is your friend.

And as a broker, you’ll want to ensure you continue to make it easy for clients to engage your help – and with the need for some businesses to explore how to set up a remote workforce, this blog post will provide you with very specific and actionable steps you can take to make the transition to a ‘remote’ office.

Please note the focus of these videos is solely on setting your online calendar and integrating it an online conferencing software. 

I also share specifics to beware of why you will want to use some ‘free’ tools and avoid others.


Video 1: Overview


In this video, we focus on some specific tools you need to consider as part of your transition.  If you don’t have the right tools, then working remotely will prove to be challenging and/or it won’t deliver a ‘referable client experience’.


Video 2: ScheduleOnce & Zoom


Here we look at how to setup ScheduleOnce (online calendar booking tool) to Zoom (video conferencing tool) so that when a person books online, they automatically receive a link to the Zoom meeting.



Video 3: Calendly & Zoom


Here we look at how to integrate Calendly with Zoom.  Calendly is another option similar but different to ScheduleOnce.  I also share a couple of pros and cons of both tools so you can decide which one is a better fit for your business.

In Summary

Quite literally, you can be up and running with your ‘remote tech setup’ with 60 minutes.  

If you are not confident to do it all yourself, it’s best to engage a supplier who can. 

Though we could do this work, we’d rather connect you to some people we’ve used before – so if you need a referral, send an email to titled “Tech setup” and we’ll point you toward one of our preferred contacts.

Please note we have NOT organised any referral fee for creating a connection – it is just our way of contributing, so feel free to ask for help if you’d like it.

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