050: Hunter Leonard helps clients make massive changes to profits from small changes to strategy

Hunter Leonard has run his marketing consultancy for the past 15 years. He has turned over multi-million dollars with a team of 20, though these days works as a consultant to companies that want to leverage strategic marketing initiatives to drive line their bottom line profit.

Biggest Challenge in Journey

Sitting at the pool in Bali and opened The Age newspaper – and on the 3rd page in, there was a massive recall on pharmaceutical products – of which one of Hunter’s clients was amongst the companies that was having their two products recalled – which meant that Hunter’s client went out of business instantly – and as that was one of only two clients that Hunter was working with, it meant his income immediately reduced by 50%.

The learning for him was the no single customer would account for more than 20% of revenue so as to not over-expose their risk or revenue exposure.

Rewarding Moment in Business

Years ago, Hunter wrote a book for small business owners on how to be a better marketer.

In conversation with a national marketing manager for an insurance broking firm, Hunter was discussing the idea of taking the book and turning it into a really in depth resource centre where businesses could access podcasts, resources, templates, videos, etc in a really cost-effective portal.

The client then said to Hunter “I want it for my 150 brokers” – which changed the whole dynamic of Hunter’s business in a split second because something was willing to back him on his idea.

Favourite Piece of Technology

Zoho: Integrated Customer Relationship Management software

LinkedIn: World’s largest professional networking site

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