130: Ilse Strauss Shares How to be In Sync With Your Purpose

In today’s interview, you’re going to hear from Ilse Strauss, a leadership consultant and advisor for people who want to ensure there is alignment between their values and their business.

In this interview, you’ll hear Ilse share specific insights into how having clarity of your value can and does make it easier to operate your business in a way that feels authentic for each person.

The reason for asking Ilse to share light on this very important topic is because quite often, in the cut and thrust of getting deals done, it can be easy to operate in a task-centric manner without having the clarity of purpose or being able to calibrate if or how the tasks are contributing to organisational success.

Ilse shares her perspective on mission, vision, values and clarity of purpose.

Yes, this interview is different, and by intention, so it can provide the opportunity for you to consider what else, if anything, you could be doing to help you, your business, team members and clients progress to the next level.

If you’d like to connect with Ilse, you can visit her website or connect on with her on LinkedIn.


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