013: Jacquie Baker helps people bring their business story to life

Jacquie Baker is the co-founder of Silver Lane Studio – an award-winning Melbourne-based digital strategy firm.

Jacquie and the Silver Lane were selected exclusively as the only digital agency in the country to deliver the federal government’s digital mentoring program, where they gave digital strategy advice to over 600 businesses across Australia.

Jacquie is on a mission to help business be profitable from online activity and with her background in investment property, she understands that having an online presence is about developing an asset and investment over time.

Low Point in Journey

Established her business with the wrong person with the wrong values systems, and, in her own words, were just paired badly, had a poor relationship and focus on the wrong things.

Defining Moment in Business

At Christmas 2014, realised that for having been in a new country (Australia) for less than 3 years, had established a business with 8 employees and achieving some outstanding results.

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Favourite Piece of Technology

Skype, keeps the world talking in more ways than one

Recommended Reading

10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Interview Links

Silver Lane Studio


Jacquie Lane on LinkedIn

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