122: Jake Biddle Shares How He Successfully Transitioned from Banker to Broker

From banking to broking, Jake Biddle shares with us how he took 10 years of accumulated knowledge in the finance industry to setup Saint Finance.

And, though he’s on Australia’s west coast, it was his passion for the Saint Kilda football club that was the impetus behind the name.

Like most before him, though Jake initially relied on family & friends, he was able to reconnect with past clients and earn more referrals through the provision of outstanding service.

After several months, his long-term friend and former boss Chris joined him at Saint Finance where they are co-directors of the company.  

As Jake shares, if you are going into business with someone, particularly as co-owners, you want to be certain that you can support each other and ride the bumps that can sometimes happen arise.

This is sage advice, as all too often, it can be easy to see the ‘upside’ of going into business with another person without necessarily taking the time to review potential risks, threats and/or challenges that can come with having a business partner and the responsibilities herewith.

Visit Saint Finance website here.




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