# 55 – Thank YOU Adviser Nation for your generosity – and where to from here?

Thank You to You

Instead of a ‘regular’ episode, this is an opportunity for me to say “thank you” – though it should be more like “congratulations” to you for helping Journey Of The Successful Adviser reach 3 separate categories in iTunes New and Noteworthy including # 1 in Technology.  It’s a fantastic achievement and it’s due to your loyalty, which I appreciate and for which I want to reward – which is where I’m asking for your help.

To date, we’ve had many incredibly generous guests on the show – who have opened up about their journey, how things have really been for them, mistakes they’ve made, lessons learned – and how they are creating their success.   Moving forward, it’s the intention to ensure you receive the best possible value that you can, so I would like to ask you:

“What do you want The Successful Adviser to do for you?”

What are we not doing that we could that would help you continue moving forward with confidence in your journey?  Or let me ask you a slightly different question.

“What are the biggest challenges you’re currently facing – and how would you like things to be?”

If you could please share your thoughts on the above – I’ll make sure we provide you with the tools, ideas, strategies and means to be of service to you.  Having now released episode 55, I’d like to ensure that we’re “on message” to give you what you want – and the best way to know this is to ask.

So, after you listen to this episode (11 minutes), please send a brief email to ‘james@thesuccessfuladviser.com’ sharing your thoughts, and I’ll happily reciprocate with a little gift as a way to say “thanks”.

To your ongoing success.




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