066: How to build your impact, influence and income with Jane Anderson

As a branding and communication specialist, Jane Anderson spends a lot of time helping sales team, business leaders and areas of the government to improve their branding, communication, leadership and ultimately, their results.

She was recommended by another guest to come onto the show, and I’m glad she accepted my invitation, as Jane is not only extremely knowledgeable and well credentialed, importantly, she has a strong history of helping others get great results.

Not only does Jane share some specific strategies that have helped her clients achieve great results, Jane also shares some of the tricks she’s done to build up her own profile. Be warned though, Jane (like all guests) worked hard to get the results and it wasn’t because of a magic pill.

Not only has Jane now published two books, she’s an in demand keynote and conference speaker and her profile continues to be on the rise!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Jane’s tips around how to use LinkedIn effectively to generate more leads (hint, it requires more than just building a great profile)
  • How she built herself up to earning the right to charge top dollar for her keynote speeches
  • What Jane thinks you need to do when speaking with an audience
  • Jane’s rule of 3C’s to have more impact and consistency in your branding
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Jane Anderson’s website

Connect with Jane on LinkedIn

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