120: Jason Cuerel Shares His Non-sales Approach to Growing his Volumes

In this episode, we talk with Jason Cuerel, who shares his unusual journey to becoming a high performing loan writer.

Early in his career, Jason did a financial analysis of annual reports before transitioning to a retail sales role.  It was in that role where one of these customers offered him a position with a non-bank lender which marked the beginning of his journey into the finance industry.

Jason and I discuss how occasionally, with the best of intentions, some brokers find themselves having ‘Analysis by Paralysis’ to find the right lending product, which can adversely affect getting the client’s commitment to proceed with a loan.

Jason tackles and talks about how a LOT of tools are readily available for brokers to use but are underutilized.

To keep things enjoyable and maintain a healthy mindset, Jason and his team head out on Friday’s for a team lunch so they can relax, unwind, have a laugh, and get ready to go again for the following week.

Jas gives us an overview of how he has grown his back-office team over time to accommodate the increase in volumes so his time is freed up to ‘workshop deals’ with clients.

Jason also touches on the general rule of his business is all about ‘if it’s not in the system, it never happened,” which has earned him a lot of referrals from existing clients.


Visit Jason’s website here.


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