051: Jean Sheehan shares how to get booked out 9-months in advance

Jean is known as the ‘Walking Talking MRI’. She left nursing, pathology and autopsies to build her internationally recognised and award winning business from a dream in her heart. With 20+ years experience, Jean’s teaches about accessing potentiality and empowers others to transform lives from corporate to live the life they love.

Biggest Challenge in Journey

Jean was asked to travel a couple of hours distance to speak at an event, and with child-like enthusiasm, she got there 30 minutes early. She prepared, setup, got ready, and waited, waited and waited some more.

After a while, Jean realised that something was wrong – as nobody turned up. As it turns out, the event was cancelled – and Jean was heart broken because she was hoping and wanting to deliver a great experience to the audience.

As it turns out, she delivered the 20 minute presentation to even though no one else was there to witness it.

Jean learned at that moment that was much as it was disappointing at the time, it helped her realise her own strength to overcome challenges so she could build an audience and deliver great value to them.

Success Tips

Jean spends most of July planning. Getting clear on what the year ahead looks like, thinking about what value, experience and knowledge her clients want to receive from her – and then putting all of this into a structure and process so she can execute the plan.

The result – consistently being booked out 9-months in advance for her 2-day courses.

Favourite Piece of Technology

Facebook: build your business online with Facebook

Recommended Reading

The Secret of My Success by Janine Ellis

Interview Links

Absolute Empowerment online

Call Jean on +61 7 6541 4009

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