049: Profit from your story with Australia’s first Certified World Class Speech Coach, Jennifer Leone

Being shy most of her life, Jennifer decided to change that. She faced her fears, learned the processes and now is Australia’s first Certified World Class Speech Coach.

As the Speakers Coach Jennifer shows you how to use your stories in business to better sell you, your service or product.

Biggest Challenge in Journey

One day when Jennifer was presenting, one of the audience members said “don’t mind me, I’ve just switched off”, which caused Jennifer to become completely distracted, lose her mojo and go from being completely in control as a presenter to self doubting and feeling completely judged and inadequate.

Fortunately, as unpleasant as that moment was, Jennifer was able to ‘catch’ herself and change her mindset to turn around from self-doubting to stepping up, taking control of room and leading her audience in a way that impacted and engaged them. It was in this moment Jennifer realised her own power and ability to make a difference.

Rewarding Moment in Business

30 years ago, Jennifer was asked to read from the bible at her local church. She froze – and it never happened.

Fast forward to recent times and a priest asked Jennifer to join 45 of his fellow priests to help them deliver better sermons to their parish. This was a defining moment in terms of realizing her own value and that all participants in the 2-hour program she ran including the bishop were engaged, learning from Jennfer and receiving great value from her.

Favourite Piece of Technology

Skype: Free calls to connect for business or pleasure

Recommended Reading

The Values Factor by Dr John Demartini

Interview Links

Talk Trainers website

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Phone Jennifer 0418 680 137

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