012: John Di Natale is helping businesses Big Think their way to business success

John Di Natale has broad international business experience at senior level across Australia and Asia Pacific, with extensive experience in business growth strategy, franchising and network development.

He has been a senior management team member and key advisor to organisations ranging from entrepreneurial SMEs to national and global brands.

John is a regular contributor of articles and comment to the business media and is in demand as a conference speaker.

Having worked with a number of leading consulting organisations, John saw an opportunity for a smaller, more client and result-focused consulting team – which is why he’s developed Big Think.

Low Point in Journey

Early in John’s business journey in the early 90’s, he was in a business he wasn’t passionate about and ended up costing him a lot of money.

Defining Moment in Business

Building a business model that enables clients to get access to a broad range of experts that deliver exceptional value.

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Favourite Piece of Technology

LinkedIn: world’s largest professional networking site

Meetup: find meetups and people in your local community who share your interests

Recommended Reading

Gossip Mongers by Jacquie Scammell.  This book is meant to be available at Jacqui Scammell’s website, though as the site was last ‘under maintenance’ when a link was being provided, it has been unlinked.  Unfortunately, the book doesn’t appear to be available through any major online book retailer.

Interview Links

Big Think Business Booster

John Di Natale on LinkedIn

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