020: Jo Rawson teaches how to create a better world both locally and globally

Jo Rawson is an accomplished business owner, leader and mentor. Having successfully established a most innovative & successful teenager camp program in Australia and New Zealand almost 30 years ago, Jo draws upon her extensive experience to contribute to the success of like-minded & like-hearted people through coaching, training, facilitating and mentoring.

With a passion for empowering others to lead meaningful careers, develop their leadership skills and promoting innovative cultures, Jo works with corporate, government and non-for-profit clients throughout Australia and internationally including India, China and New Zealand.

Low Point in Journey

When Jo was operating her Discovery business, she was expanding the operation significantly, putting in highly trained facilitators to deliver an outstanding program across 3 states and in New Zealand – all of which was contingent upon getting continual high sales, and but didn’t foresee the recession of the early 90’s and was unable to roll out the program like she had planned causing her person devastation – all while dealing with her 3rd child being born with a heart defect.

Defining Moment in Business

When Jo was first introduced to LMA (Leadership Management Australia) and met one of the franchisees with whom she ended up joining as a course coach where she was working with people and organisations to help them achieve win-win outcomes.

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Favourite Piece of Technology

TedTalks: Talks to stir your curiosity

LinkedIn: The world’s largest professional networking site

Dropbox: Keep your files safe, synced and easy to share

Recommended Reading

Designing 2050 by Peter Ellyard

Interview Links

Call Jo on 0431 906 585

Jo Rawson on LinkedIn

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