032: Julie-Anne Black is helping people be the star of their own life

An international speaker and author, Julie-Anne mentors emerging business leaders and creative entrepreneurs giving them access to the most powerful techniques to take charge of their success and happiness.

Low Point in Journey

Julie-Anne has experienced many challenges in her journey whilst working within television – which was a catalyst for her to go and learn more about herself and how she could be brilliant now.

High Point in Business

When speaking at an international conference in Brazil, upon completing her presentation, the entire audience erupted with applause – and Julie-Anne realised in that moment, that she had an international message to offer, as even those who listened through interpreters came up and wanted to offer her their thanks.

Favourite Piece of Technology

Optimize Press 2: Building beautiful landing pages and membership portals

Recommended Reading

Launch by Jeff Walker

Interview Links

Be Brilliant Now

First Impressions Checklist – special offer for Adviser Nation

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