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Andrew Rowlands

Value Finance

James saved me months of mucking around – and helped me earn at least $50,000 more in my first 12-months than I would have achieved on my own.


Rohan Puvi

Prime Emerald Financial Services

Before working with James, I was a little nervous, as I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. James has provided me more structure and consistency where I’m now earning around $8,000 more per month, and I expect that number will increase significantly in the months to come. Importantly for me, I’m not working more hours, I’m just being far more effective in the time I already spend. If there was one regret, it was that I didn’t do this sooner, because it’s made a big difference to my business and life.


Shayne Betreen

Gain Financial

Prior to working with you, I was unclear of the business direction, getting distracted by shiny objects, struggling to articulate my offering, and not keeping myself accountable.

Not only has your support helped me win more clients, it has helped significantly expand my business operations and personal mindset and with being an MFAA Excellence Award Finalist.

As I have already done, I would recommend your service to any broker who is looking to take their business or career to the next level.

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