053: How to go from deal-maker to lawyer-preneur with Malcolm Burrows

Malcolm Burrows is an award winning commercial, corporate and technology lawyer and principal and founder of Dundas Lawyers. He advises organisations on issues of corporation’s law, intellectual property, technology law and has a particular interest mergers and acquisitions.

What Inspired You To Pursue This Path?

In the early days of his career, as an entrepreneur – he wanted to build process into his business – and based on a poor business experience, it caused him to want to learn more about law to prevent him and others from experiencing negative experiences in the future.

What’s something you do to deliver a fantastic experience to your clients?

Utilising and building upon your expertise and knowledge – and knowing where your sweet spot is in terms of your expertise and the jobs that you are best fit for. Niching down by industry sector means knowing where the expertise is best placed so maximum value can be delivered for the client.

Giving clients a ‘fact sheet’ on the details of the engagement means it’s easier to help clients up front – and build up your intellectual property base through the process.

How did you build your reputation and profile?

Consistently doing the same things, day after day, week after week (for a long period of time), staying the course for the long-term, specialisation, speaking at conferences.

What is a great result that you’ve achieved for a client?

Client had an E-Bay store – where the competitor was breaching copyright. The competitor store was taken down, a week later, it the other store was back up in another name. A few weeks later, the competitor was forced to take down their store – and Malcolm’s client’s competitive advantage, brand and business opportunities was maintained.

Next big hairy goal?

Looking to list the law firm on the stock exchange.   Malcolm isn’t sure if it’ll happen in the short or long term

Interview Links

Malcolm on LinkedIn

Dundas Lawyers Website

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