165: Mandy Love Shares How She is Helping to Solve a Key Broker Problem

As we all know, time is arguably the most precious commodity for every mortgage broker.

In this podcast with gun loan administrator turned business owner, Mandy Love, we look at the importance of having the right people in the right seats to help deliver an efficient, referable and repeatable service to grow a broking practice.

Having personally seen Mandy make a significant contribution to the growth of one of our broking clients, she is all too familiar with how to help brokers ensure their focus is on income producing activities that contribute to their financial and quality of life goals and getting everything else off their plate.

It’s with this mantra in mind Mandy mustered the courage to pursue her dream of opening a loan processing service so she can positively impact more brokers and see them grow their practice by delivering better and quicker client outcomes.

Mandy discusses common challenges inherent with many brokers and how to address them to actually enjoy the success and prosperity they are working hard for.

If you’d like to reach out to Mandy, visit Mandy’s LinkedIn profile or go to:

Website: landmarkloansupport.com.au

Email: info@landmarkloansupport.com.au  

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