029: How to transform your thinking and business results with Mandy Napier

Mandy Napier, dubbed the Mindset Alchemist, is a dynamic and accomplished Mind and Performance Coach, educator, speaker and published author. She works with corporate executives to small business owners who are stuck, challenged or in a fog.

Low Point in Journey

Delaying trademarking her business name almost caused Mandy to shut the business down.   With a lot of stress and money, Mandy got the trademark and realised not to delay things that should be done today.

Turning Point in Business

When working with a lady who was a depressed business owner and single mother with an intellectually disabled child, Mandy helped her client move off medication* and enable her to start experiencing far better results in business and in life

* please note that per Mandy’s suggestion, the support provided to her client move off medication was done in collaboration with the client’s doctor

Favourite Piece of Technology

Evernote: bring your life’s work together in one digital workspace

Recommended Reading

The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg

Interview Links

Mindset for Success

Mandy Napier on LinkedIn

Mindset for Success on Facebook



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