123: How Mark Stevenson Has Maintained Volumes In Trying Conditions

In this refreshingly honest interview, you’ll hear Mark Stevenson talk about the tribulations and triumphs of operating a broking business.

Mark is the Managing Director of Finance division of Bell Partners, a multifaceted professional services firm that aims to ‘put a ring’ around their clients so they can offer a suite of services to each client without needing to refer to people outside of the group.

As looking from afar, you’d think Mark has and the team have ‘got it made’ with all the referrals they could garner in-house.

And you’d be right, to a degree.  

Though Mark certainly enjoys the benefit of generating a lot of leads in-house, as he candidly shares, the past 12 months hasn’t been without its challenges.

With operating overheads staying the same and settlement volumes being less predictable, Mark discusses how he has had to pivot, embrace resilience and remain highly focused to work through this challenging period and set up himself and his team up for the months and years ahead.

Visit Mark’s website here.

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