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Generating a constant demand for your services is absolutely critical for your success as a mortgage broker.

The trick is how to keep the pipeline full when you get ‘smashed’ with enquiry. When it happens, it’s as though everyone needs you urgently, and you write some great results, but your marketing gets dropped.

And you need to fill your pipeline – and your diary again.

The alternative is to pay a referrer or head-office a chunk of your up-front income (and sometimes your trail too).

Either way, it limits your income, your impact and your ability to achieve your goals.

What you need is an effective, proven process for generating new enquiries that doesn’t zap your time or cost you a fortune, so you can maintain consistent results from month to month, right?

A process that ultimately helps you build a word-of-mouth business, that inspires your clients and others to want to refer you, and helps you build your upfront income while also building the value of your trail book.

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A Marketing Structure For Your Broking Business

The Deal Flow Matrix for mortgage brokers is designed to enable you to achieve exactly that. Deal Flow. That means, providing you with a structure so you can achieve the lead enquiries you need for your individual goals.

And because it’s a process, it means you can achieve measurable improvement in results without getting distracted by the next shiny new idea that comes along. That way, you can master doing fewer things better than juggling lots of unrelated parts.

There are three core elements to the Deal Flow Matrix:

Attraction: Utilise reliable and easy-to-follow low to no cost marketing strategies to generate more enquiries

Retention: Maximise the lifetime value of clients and turn them into advocates so you generate more and more clientele through introduction and recommendation from your existing clients.

Expansion: Automate your marketing so you can maximise client-facing time while receiving constant new enquiry.

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