Lead Gen Course Marketing Mistakes

Eliminate costly mistakes and turn your marketing into a predictable customer-attracting machine

When set up the right way, marketing is easily the chief money-making activity in your business.  It’s far cheaper than a full-time employee, it can work 24/7, it doesn’t call in sick or take annual leave.  It just works.

That’s why in this module, we take a close look at the common mistakes that can impact your marketing efforts so you can avoid common pitfalls and maximise your ROI.

Great marketing should also:

  • Inject new and more cash into your business
  • Maximise the dollars earned for every dollar spent
  • Save you time on acquiring new clients (important)
  • Build trust and awareness for future buyers
  • Have predictability and scale to your business growth activities
  • Move your focus from ‘how to get clients’ into ‘how to control and handle the enquiry coming through, and;
  • Give you the choice of more personal freedom because when your marketing works like it should, it’s possible to earn more in a shorter period of time by doing more of the right ‘income producing’ activities

Here are the slides you can download from this episode so you can refer to them and notice what parts of your marketing could be refined or improved.














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