Lead Gen Course Marketing Strategy

 Follow a simple, fast and reliable process to generate more appointments and settlements – even if you hate marketing & selling.

This 5-part course will show you how to:

  • Increase your number and quality of leads and appointments
  • Consistently settle 4 to 5 more deals per month
  • Stop doing time-sapping, frustrating things that cost you money and don’t work
  • Eliminate juggling umpteen balls – so you can be more effective than ‘more busy’, and;
  • Have more day-to-day control and certainty about the results you will achieve

Importantly, you will learn how to do this in an effective, strategic way so you can have more control over your lead generation and your conversion.

Toward the end of this first episode you are asked to do “one thing” in the next 24 hours to build momentum – and you might find value using the insights shared in the 60-Second Referral Guide – as it’s quick, simple and effective.














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