003: Melinda Houghton is changing how financial advisers deliver value to their clients

Melinda Houghton is the founder of Houghton Strategic Solutions, an award-winning financial planning practice that prides itself on delivering exceptional advice and results and being known as trusted advisers to it’s clients.

Low Point in Journey

Attaching herself to the outcome of a client who truly needed support and advice but didn’t want to help themselves.

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Turning Point in Business

Seeing the fruits of local community involvement pay-off as new people continually found her and requested her to be their adviser

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Favourite Piece of Technology

  • Toshl: exceptional app to help you with your financial budgeting

Recommended Reading

Interview Links

  • Houghton Strategic: strategies to assist real people achieve personal goals by working to achieve to identify risks, needs, and most importantly opportunities to maximise your financial position



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