018: Become a key person of influence in your industry with Mike Reid

Mike Reid is co-director of Key Person of Influence Australia, acknowledged as ‘The worlds leading personal brand accelerator’ by The Huffington Post. Since joining the company as a university graduate to being made co-director at the age of 25, Mike quickly established his ability to run successful large-scale promotional campaigns that brought millions of dollars of business in the door – contributing in 2014 to placing 63rd on BRW’s revered ‘Fast Starters’ List. Mike is known for his love of entrepreneurship, small business and bringing ‘the hustle’.

Low Point in Journey

Multiple occasions of wanting to throw it all in and pursue something different – and feeling like a major event that had been promoted wasn’t going to succeed.

Defining Moment in Business

Getting over-subscribed to major events in Sydney & Melbourne to the point he had to buy back tickets from participants at twice the price they paid for them.


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Favourite Piece of Technology

Spotify: for a pick me up and getting Mike in the mood to do great things

Recommended Reading

The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday

Interview Links

Mike’s Blog: keep up to date with Mike’s thought leadership and views on entrepreneurship

KPI Book: get access to the KPI book for free



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