A Practical, Step-By-Step Pathway
For Mortgage Brokers To Get More Leads
and Write More Loans

Build Your Upfront Income & Grow Your Trail Book

“Right now, the percentage of loans originating from mortgage brokers continues to be on the rise.  The question is, are your results going up with it?”

While there’s never been more opportunity for you to write loans, there’s also never been as much competition.

Not only are you competing against clients going directly to the bank, you’re also competing against other brokers.

The good news is ….

  • You can generate a steady flow of leads from referrers without being a nuisance – and without having to pay
  • You can get clients to willingly refer you to more of their friends and family
  • You can use a low-cost, high-conversion marketing process
  • You can generate consistent volumes even when you’re under the pum

Let me explain. If you’ve ever wanted to know how you can get more inbound enquiry and write higher, more consistent loan volumes month after month, then, you need to…

Be One Of The Few, Not The Many

The majority of loans are settled by a disproportionately small percentage of brokers.


Because they do things differently that enable them to generate more enquiry, to help more people and to create a better life for themselves (and for their clients).

It not just their technical knowledge.

And it’s not to say they haven’t made mistakes or worked hard to achieve their results. They have.

But it’s not just their hard work. They work differently.

These brokers don’t tap into their trail books to make ends meet and they don’t need part-time jobs. They just do broking and they do it really well.

Not only that. They have great systems and processes in their business.

And that’s how Million Dollar Broker works.

What is Million Dollar Broker?

It’s a hands-on marketing and business-building program for mortgage brokers. It’s the one place I put all my top resources, 5 years worth of my knowledge and effort.

Million Dollar Broker is ideal if you have asked yourself these questions:

  • How can I get my clients to refer me more often?
  • How can I use low-cost, high-conversion marketing strategies?
  • How can I get referral partners who’ll actually refer business to me?
  • How can I be more efficient with my time?
  • How can I structure my business around my life, and not my life around my business?

If you’ve pondered these questions, this broker community is for you!

The program includes:

  • Tactics and tools for generating more enquiries online and from your existing networks
  • Specific, word-for-word scripts to turn your passive clients into active referrers 
  • Step-by-step instructions to 8 low cost to no cost, high conversion marketing strategies 
  •  A Lead Blitz Program to get your pipeline full – and keep it there 
  • You’ll also have access to videos, audio files, scripts, PDF files, neatly organised, in one place!’
  • Easy tactics that make you more referable and add value to your clients while increasing your income 
  • Multiple done-for-you letters that re-engage your database without having to mention the word ‘finance’ 
  • A structure and process to getting consistent introductions from referral partners without having to pay commissions 

While it’s a thorough program, it’s also highly practical – and it’s easy to follow because everything is explained in a simple way.

 And I use plenty of examples of brokers who are writing great results right now.

There’s no better way to getting more enquiry than implementing a proper, proven, mortgage-broker specific system into your business. You’ll be able to copy the templates and follow the steps so you can have your own system.

Who is it for?

The Million Dollar Broker program is considered the high-level program for brokers who want to:

  • Generate consistent inbound enquiry
  • Become the most trusted adviser to clients and referral partners
  • Use practical, unremarkable strategies that work
  • Build trusted, long-term relationships with others
  • Increase loan settlement volumes
  • Stop procrastinating and get stuff done
  • Be efficient with their time
  • Associate with other like-minded brokers

6 Reasons Why People Choose The Successful Adviser

1. Industry Recognised Training

The Successful Adviser training programs are not only highly practical, relevant and industry specific, they are also receive designation from the MFAA and FBAA for CPD Points.  This means your program is delivering value in more ways than one

2. Comprehensive Resource Library

Get access to a host of scripts, templates, tools and videos to accelerate the learning curve and provide you with a structured pathway to succeed. Your resource library will continue to remain relevant with new content continually being added.

3. ONLY Program Providing You Ongoing Support

You know how most programs are bought ‘off the shelf’ and it’s difficult to get support thereafter? Well, what I do is provide ongoing support through live trainings, dedicated times of availability and answering questions in our online group. This means you will be able to get timely responses in the way that works best for you so you can create your pathway to success.

4. Connection To Committed Brokers

One of the most common things brokers say is the value they feel of belonging to a peer network where they can share insights, knowledge and help each other succeed. Whether it’s at a training event, online and more, members appreciate building collaborative, supportive and interactive relationships.

5. Your programs delivered by a dedicated industry specialist

Your programs are delivered by an award-winning marketing and sales strategist who specialises in the mortgage industry and who has accumulated thousands of hours of experience and a history of going above and beyond to help others achieve exceptional results.

6. Our Unique Results Policy

With The Successful Adviser’s 365-day results policy, there are no special catches or exceptions.

If you participate in the program and don’t achieve a minimum 3-times return on your investment, simply let me know and you’ll be issued with a prompt and courteous refund. You will be able to keep all the resources, and to honour my commitment to you, I’ll personally work with you until you achieve the result you’re after (no man or woman shall be left behind).

You will use the honesty system to measure your results – and while some might take advantage of this, I’ll take the risk to build a community and culture where you receive great value, you implement and you achieve exceptional results.

Number of members for this program is strictly capped to
preserve the quality of coaching and culture.

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