124: Nathan Aird’s Unconventional Approach to Building a High-Performance Brokerage

Like many a high performer, Nathan Aird is vividly clear on what’s important to him, and he is incredibly consistent in his approach to operating his brokerage so it can support his chosen lifestyle.

And, these days, Nathan strictly operates a Monday-Friday brokerage.  For some, the thought of not putting in some hours on the weekend or doing ‘home appointments’ might make them nervous, but in Nathan’s case, it’s doing him a world of good…

By defining his boundaries and his values, it ensures that his time spent in the office is highly productive.  

As Nathan said, he built his business by design so he could do great work for clients, and also have time to enjoy with those who matter most, namely his wife and his 3 boys.

And, though he doesn’t chase the ‘numbers’ or the ‘awards’, he does have his eye firmly on the  key drivers that influence business results – namely, delivering a great client experience, always exceeding expectations, and having a great back office that can move each file quickly from application to settlement.

With a goal to introduce commercial lending to his clients, Nathan is well poised to deliver even more value and delight his clients, which in turn will be the catalyst for driving new business.

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