061: Why Nerissa Chaux’s bet to open a recruitment firm when no one was hiring paid off big time

In this episode I interview Nerissa Chaux , co-founder and managing partner of Brown & Chase, an Australian talent acquisition & advisory firm. Somewhat to my surprise, Nerissa and her husband chose to open up their firm during the GFC – though it has been paying dividends very handsomely for them.

These days, Nerissa and her husband Efren are on a mission to change the perception of the recruitment industry for the better – and have a plan to open up offices throughout Australia, Asia and the USA.

You might enjoy seeing how Nerissa celebrates when she receives confirmation of being able to place a candidate for a role

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Brown & Chase support their clients so new recruits get the support and development they need
  • Why Nerissa & her husband threw in the towel in their high paying corporate roles to start-up a recruitment during the GFC
  • The business model Brown & Chase have used to open up 2 new offices this year
  • How they were able to capitalise on their core skills – and outsource the rest
  • How a husband and wife team were able to bring very different personalities to their business and make it work
Links Mentioned In This Episode

Brown Chase website

Email Nerissa

Call Nerissa on +61 7 3102 3080 or 0401 304 457

Nerissa on LinkedIn

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