127: How Otto Dargan went from a business of 1 to more than 150

When Otto Dargan started his mortgage broking journey, he had a modest vision of having 3 staff members and to service a local client base.

But, while trekking in Nepal, he broadened his horizons in more ways than one.  With a more worldly view, he came back to Australia inspired about what else was possible.

With the newfound energy, he started experimenting with his business, and though not all experiments worked out, he failed often enough and quick enough to let go of the bad ideas and follow through on the good ones.

These days, his company, Home Loan Experts looked very different from those early days.  With 150+ staff in Australia and Nepal, he operates an efficient, effective business from their Sydney office.  

In a complementary way, Otto’s approach to business reminds me of Frederick Winslow Taylor, father of the principles of ‘scientific management’, as Otto, just like Frederick before him, has mapped out the various functions of the role to ensure the broker maximises their revenue per hour worked with all other functions being looked after by their support staff.  

Further to this, Home Loan Experts have set up a significant Nepalese based operation that provides white-labelled loan processing and credit analyst services for brokers.

If you’d like to find out more about the services available from Home Loan Experts, you can contact Otto via his email


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