081: How Pana Barbounis grew Pana Chocolate to 3,500 outlets in 24 countries in under 4 years

Typically, I wouldn’t interview a chocolate manufacturer as part of The Successful Adviser series, though in researching Pana Barbounis, founder of Pana Chocolate, it was clear from the outset that he is doing more than just ‘making chocolate.’

In reality, the hand made chocolate is very much an expression of commitment to producing something with love and passion –which is exactly what Pana shares.

Starting his first business at 21, Pana is well familiar with the challenges a small business owner faces. He too has experienced the highs and lows first hand.

In a period of just over 3 years, Pana Chocolate is now available in 2,500 outlets in Australia and more than 1,000 outlets in over 24 countries – and growing quickly.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • Pana’s philosophy for leadership and empowering others
  • Why he decided to pursue a food business
  • Some of the key setbacks he has experienced –and what he has learned from them
  • His vision to create something on a global scale

I truly do hope you can appreciate Pana’s journey, his effort and willingness to do something great and you can take an insight or two to apply in your business.

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Pana Chocolate website

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