Regain Structure and Control

If you’ve recently been inundated with an enquiry from clients needing help, guidance, hope or direction, you’re not alone.

Recent changes to how you work, how your staff work and how you deliver service to current and future clients has created uncertainty, anxiety and concern for many brokers.

And then you’ve got every man and his dog offering ‘how to’ information and webinars on ‘dealing with the crisis’.   A lot of this language gives focus, energy and drama to things that keep people stuck instead of helping them progress forward.

Most times, it does little to help you.

That’s why I shot this video – to give you insight into the structures you can:

  • Protect and look after yourself.  Brokers are extremely service-oriented, but the reality is that if everyone else keeping getting put first all the time, it will take its toll
  • Support your team & clients.  At the best of times, people crave leadership and guidance, so you can be certain they are craving it in spades right now.  
  • Stay connected.  Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, it’s important that you get your need for connection.  We’re all social creates, and isolation and social distancing don’t mean ‘not connecting’.
  • Adjust how you work.  The better your ability to adjust quickly, the easier it’ll be on you, your team and your clients.

So, watch this video now so you can start making the adjustments to how your business operates.

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