027: Richard Triggs is recruiter CEO’s turn to when they want their next career challenge

Richard Triggs commenced his executive search career after eleven years working within the property industry in senior executive business development and operational management roles. Having now been an executive search consultant for over twelve years, he has also held senior leadership roles within the executive search industry.

His key focus is as executive head hunter – retained by organisations to recruit specific senior talent and career coach – for people who are actively looking for new jobs within the senior executive market place.

He is also the Author of Uncover the Hidden Job Market: How to Find and Win Your Next Senior Executive Role.

Low Point in Journey

Establishing a business partner during the infancy of the business that ended up going poorly for which Richard paid the price both financially and emotionally

Turning Point in Business

Implementing key learnings from KPI program that created an ascension model in business, expanded influence and authority and helped commercialise his intellectual property

Favourite Piece of Technology

LinkedIn, world’s largest professional networking site

Recommended Reading

Built To Sell by John Warrillow

Busting Lose From The Money Game, by Robert Scheinfeld

Interview Links

Richard Triggs on LinkedIn

CEO Incubator on LinkedIn

Arete Executive

Songs of Light & Shadow on iTunes

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