041: Ron Crump is looking for Australia to lead the world in leadership development

Ron Crump is the founder of Human Productivity Consultant’s. He has worked with 1,500 clients 1:1 across multiple industries from chairpersons, directors, CEOs, general managers & senior ministers.

Ron’s client’s include RACQ, BP Australia, Seaworld – and many of this client’s achieve staggering, multi-million dollar business improvements.

Biggest Challenge Faced So Far

After winning an 8-month contract in the Hunter Valley, Ron found the project came to an end – and so did his pay. He had no pipeline of opportunities established and it took him at least 6 months before he landed his next piece of work.

Another low point was when he and his wife had established two babywear shop – and when the government changed the rules, they lost 60% of their revenue overnight. One store closed and a random truck drove through the front window of their second shop – which was made all the more real given that only seconds before the truck hit, their young boy had been playing in the window only to be sent out the back because he was naughty!!!

Rewarding Moment in Business

Hard to pick just one when there’s been so many along the way, including helping a lady apply for and successfully win a role that ended giving her a $2 billion operating budget and responsibility for 3,000 doctors, helping another client increase bottom line results by $5 million for only $600K more cost, but perhaps most rewarding of all was helping a man become employed after 360 unsuccessful job applications.

Favourite Piece of Technology

N/A. It’s all about the human touch.

Recommended Reading

Matushita by John P. Kotter

Interview Links

Ron Crump on LinkedIn

Human Productivity Consultants

Call Ron on 0407 178 127

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