017: Sally Foley-Lewis helps leaders increase organisational performance

Have you ever had a manager who was incorrectly promoted – and you suffered for it? In the early days of her career a green Sally Foley-Lewis was one of them and she felt lonely, isolated and unsure. These days, Sally empowers people from national franchise groups, public associations and government departments to become produce outstanding results for themselves and others by being strong, authentic and confident in their role.

Having worked with gyms in Germany to shipbuilding and oil and gas companies in the Middle East, to community organisations in outback Australia, Sally is the person people call when they want to turnaround their leadership and organisational performance.

Low Point in Journey

Having established her business, network and client base in Sydney, Sally moved to Brisbane where she had to start all over again and found herself wondering if it was worth it.

Defining Moment in Business

The past year has been Sally’s best year. She’s had consistency of her message, earned more money, had more consistent booking than she had expected and built her client base across the country.

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Favourite Piece of Technology

Audible: get access to a range of audibooks

Recommended Reading

The Tao of Coaching, Max Landsberg

Interview Links

Sally Foley-Lewis’ website

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