108: Sean Soole Reveals how He grew his Brokerage Revenue Quickly

With a passion for helping other people, Sean Soole took his brokerage from a small operation to quickly having several divisions across multiple disciplines – namely conveyancing, insurance, and property investment.

For the mortgage business, he grew this by acquiring trail books, putting on loan writers and building an efficient ‘back end’ to his business.  And he got it down to a fine art – where his personal hands-on time was only 30 to 40 minutes per file.

And in determining the ‘risk to reward’ benefit of acquiring trail books, Sean factored what return he’s achieved even if he never wrote a single loan from the trail book and only ‘collected’ the trail.  And based on that math, he still came out ahead, so it made for an easier decision.

The trail book provided a solid source of recurring income and allowed Sean to invest in more office support so could progressively step away from the business.

But it wasn’t all peachy.  Though Sean has a passion for helping others, he was also needing to work through his own personal demons.

About this time, he scaled down the business from an east-coast operation to a smaller, more manageable business operating from Sydney.  And through a partnership arrangement, he was able to step back from loan writing altogether while maintaining an equity arrangement.

These days, Sean’s focus is on helping others to operate their business with clarity and purpose.  By helping people become more capable leaders, more adept and thinking and to connect and engage more effectively with their staff, suppliers and their customers, they can build a business which is more reliant on great systems and great people.

If you’d like to reach out to Sean, you can find him at:


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