033: Shane Hatch helps clients achieve their goals as an Ideal Life Architect

Shane is a financial organiser. He works with people who realise that there is more to life than accumulating money to help them live their ideal life. He does this by working with his clients to get their financial house in perfect working order and keeping it that way forever.

Low Point in Journey

After buying business partner out in 2007 when business was in a strong financial position, by 2008, Shane faced bankruptcy when hit with the GFC.

High Point in Business

Right now!   Shane is delivering exceptional value to clients through ongoing service packages that meet their needs – and people continue to find him because of the outstanding value, relationship and results being achieved.

Favourite Piece of Technology

LinkedIn Connected app: A fast, east and smart way to keep in touch

Chorma: A fun and easy way to organise your chores

Recommended Reading

365 Days of Insights by Peter Legge

Interview Links

Shane Hatch on LinkedIn

Email Shane

Call Shane on +61 7 3229 9662

Infocus Money Management Creek Street on Facebook


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