046: How to turn your story into more customers with Simone De Haas

Simone de Haas is a renaissance woman and ‘theatrepreneur’. She helps business owners, entrepreneurs, advisers and corporates to tell their story in a way that resonates with their target market – and in doing so, help them better monetise their products and services.

Biggest Challenge in Journey

When Simone was running her theatre production company, she was asked to open a show in a much larger theatre by going into collaboration with another company – which resulted in not being able to pay actors and it ended up costing a lot of money because they fell well short of the expected audience numbers – which ended up being a crippling impact on their business.

Rewarding Moment in Business

Winning the Matilda Award – which is the highest accolade that can be awarded to anyone in the theatre company – and to win this amongst high calibre opposition felt very powerful moment to really step into what she had worked for up until that point. That recognition of Simone’s capabilities of what she brought to the industry and became so much more visible in her businesses and an awakening of the potential she could offer to others.

Favourite Piece of Technology

Kindle: Amazon’s r-reader

Recommended Reading

The Respect Effect by Paul Meshanko

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