042: Simone Novello is living la dolce vita by combining her love of life and business

Simone Novello is the Managing Director of Partner2GROW, an ex-corporate entrepreneur and keynote speaker. She is considered to be one of Australia’s foremost Partnership Marketing Experts, and has been recognised with many awards during her nearly two decades in the industry.

Biggest Challenge Faced So Far

Early upon going out on her own, Simone partnered with a significant company and was poised to make a lot of money – and it all came to a grinding halt. Around this time, she had a surprise 2nd pregnancy, was short on money, and found her self cold-calling to see just to pay the bills, which caused her to reflect on her reality and how she could get back to where she envisaged things to be

Rewarding Moment in Business

Not just a rewarding moment in business – in life – and that’s right now. The business is doing great, is making a valuable contribution to it’s clients and is positioned to do even greater things next year – and life with the family on the acreage is fantastic as well.

Favourite Piece of Technology

Shop Ethical App: your ethical consumer guide

Recommended Reading

The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get Into Heaven by Dr John Demartini

Interview Links

Partner2Grow => download the Partnership Success Kit

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