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What Is Inner Circle?

It’s an exclusive business growth program for likeminded, committed mortgage and financial professionals who want to grow their income by 6-figures without working longer hours.

Since late 2007, I have personally tried and tested an immense number of marketing methods and coached dozens of people to significantly improve their personal income and quality of life.  I have seen what works, what doesn’t work and I have developed a simple and reliable approach to getting more clients (even if you hate sales and marketing).

Why was Inner Circle created?

Over the past few years, the number of brokers entering the industry has skyrocketed.  The result?  More competition and fewer potential clients per broker.

There was a time when just relying on personal referrals was enough to make a great broker.  Now, you need a proper approach to generate consistent enquiry just to stay in the game.

That’s why Inner Circle is an absolute priority for me.   It’s where I’ve put the best of my resources from the past 10 years.  But make no mistake, getting outstanding results takes commitment.

Though some people would rather you think running a broking business “is easy” and new leads magically appear out of thin air, the truth is, like anything worthwhile, it requires effort.

And, in my experience, nothing can contribute to a person’s success in their business and life as much as being guided by the right mentor with the right plan amongst the right peers.

How you can break free?

I’ve personally seen (and helped) many brokers achieve their business objectives without compromising on family time or customer service levels.

To achieve this though does take a clear and easy-to-follow plan that’s implemented in the right way.

Be sure though, Inner Circle program isn’t for everyone. It is NOT for people who do not show up or do the work, who are still in mentoring, earning less than $80,000 (upfront and trail) or those who don’t care about doing the right thing by clients.

It Is for people who want to :

  • Automate their marketing and business operations.
  • Increase loan settlement volumes
  • Be efficient with their time
  • Take their business to the next level
  • Use practical and proven strategies that work
  • Have fun succeeding with other committed brokers
  • Follow a clear and predictable process
  • Have a great life outside of broking

Though this program will help you gain more control over your business, you will also notice the growth in confidence and the positive flow-on effect it has on other areas of your life as well.

Want exclusive access to the Inner Circle?

30 day 100% no questions asked

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The common challenges we solve:

  • You aren’t getting the number of leads or appointments that you need
  • You have fluctuating settlement volumes and monthly income
  • You don’t yet have the control, structure and consistency that you’re after
  • You find it hard to prospect, write loans and do all the admin
  • Your marketing is highly manual and dependent on your personal effort
  • You have a bunch of ideas but not a clear and actionable plan to follow
  • You have plenty of help for loan scenarios but not for business growth strategies

How does Inner Circle work?

As a member of this program, you tap into a powerful support network so you can interact with others, implement highly effective online and offline strategies for getting more clients and have more control over life now and for the future. Plus, you also get the following benefits:


Instant access to high-value content

Instant access to a comprehensive resource library of lead generation and business building strategies.


Exclusive access to a dedicated community

Ask questions and get timely responses from James McCracken and leaders within the industry


Live training sessions and ongoing support

Attend live group training sessions and learn strategies to increase your settlement volumes


Unique game plan specific to you

Together, we’ll build a personal, clear and easy to follow strategy that is unique to you & your business


Impressive results

Members typically increase their monthly up-front income by 5-15k/mth while retaining control over business and life

Plus, you also get the following benefits:

  • You get instant access to several templates so you can create marketing materials in minutes, and improve your internal business operations.  The resources come as editable documents, videos, PDFs and audio files
  • Live fortnightly group training and coaching calls (limited numbers per group)
  • You’ll learn the smart tools that can help you create more consistency’ with your marketing
  • You can harness the collective brainpower of the members in the community to guide, support and encourage you in growing your broking business
  • You get access (and some discounts) to a multitude of tried and tested specialist suppliers for the mortgage industry

Plus, you also get the following benefits:

Unlike others who will build you a website, or do a one size fits all Facebook posts or monthly email and call it a ‘marketing strategy’, you will be personally guided based on your own skills, your unique value and the goals you want to achieve.

If you’ve already tried various things or you have several ideas but settlement volumes aren’t improving and you’d like to be more effective and implement the right tools in the right way into your business, then joining Inner Circle is the best decision you can make right now.

Here are 8 more reasons why Inner Circle is different…..

Our credibility is based on real-world results and over 10,000 hours of actually working with clients.  We don’t make wild claims or promise something we can’t deliver. You can see case studies and get full transparency. No fluff, no hype and you don’t need to become a ‘tech guru’ to follow our system.

You’ll learn how to leverage powerful marketing automation tools so you can send the right messages at the right time to prospect to turn them into new appointments for you.

Some programs pile in as many people as possible, which is great for them. Our groups are restricted in size to preserve the quality of the experience and ensure each member receives close personal attention.   And unlike groups where you’re only allowed to ask the ‘guru’ questions through Facebook, you’ll have direct contact to James and his team.

Though my goal is help each member grow their income by 6-figures, if you participate fully in the program and don’t achieve a minimum 3X ROI, simply let me know and you’ll be issued with a prompt and courteous refund.  You will also be able to keep all the resources AND I’ll personally work with you until you achieve this result.  No broker left behind!

Sometimes you’ll get a response within seconds or minutes, but our internal benchmark is to answer all questions the same day so you can get on with your business.

Unique to our program, you’ll be paired up with another likeminded broker so you can support each other and keep focused on the actions that produce great results.

A lot of programs teach ‘one way’ to get leads, which doesn’t take into account your personal skills or your business goals.  We recognise all broking businesses, just like people, are different.  That’s why we help you identify YOUR unique proposition so you can implement strategies to attract YOUR ideal clients.

TSA’s propriety sales methodology teaches you how to shorten the sales cycle, increase conversion and generate more referrals without needing to ask for them.

Want exclusive access to the Inner Circle?

30 day 100% no questions asked

money back guarantee

What type of content is covered?

Here is a sneak peak at a handful of modules so you can get a feel for what’s covered:

Module # 1: The Instant Trust Builder: A simple, one-page template to help you build trust within seconds, increase your conversion and position for client referrals

Module # 2: Profitability Partners: This process will help you turn your relationships into highly trusted and profitable ones

Module # 3: Referrals Without Asking: Inspire your clients into becoming your personal sales team without needing to actually ask for a referral

Module # 4: Marketing Automation: Use a system that does the heavy lifting and improves your conversion of lead to appointment and submissions

Module # 5: Email Productivity Hack: Always stuck in your inbox? Learn how to quickly and easily save around 12-hours per month with this easy-to-use tool

Module # 6: Your Laser Focused Year: Tired of not hitting your numbers? The problem is not you. It’s the method you’ve been using. Use this straightforward process to vastly improve productivity, focus, and results

Module # 7: The 9-Word Email: Revive dead leads so you can attract new clients FAST. 

There are over 40 modules in the program, and all content is relevant to a mortgage broking business. So, with great resources, the right plan and the right peers, it’s also important you also know…..

What type of content is covered?

The 8 years prior to working with mortgage brokers were dedicated to mastering sales, leadership and coaching.  During my time at Yellow Pages, I also wrote (literally) more than 1,800 ads for small business owners, was a top 1% sales performer (team of 700) and assisted others in becoming top 1% performers.  My last role was as National Strategic Coaching Manager – where my team trained and developed more than 70 sales managers across Australia.  Since then, I’ve have:

  • Become a specialist marketing and business growth strategist for mortgage brokers
  • Assisted multiple mortgage brokers across to increase their annual revenue by in excess of $100,000
  • Hosted the popular The Successful Adviser podcast
  • Built a methodology that enables mortgage brokers to increase settlements and profit without exorbitant marketing fees and without increasing office hours

I’ve successfully transitioned from being an employee with a regular day job to being my own boss and having more control over the things important to me – all while actively supporting my clients to achieve their professional and personal goals.

I welcome your application to join a distinguished group of brokers who are focused and committed to enjoying great success and control in their business, and in their life.

Are You The Right Fit?

If you’re genuinely committed to yourself, don’t you deserve to enjoy great success in your business too?

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Want exclusive access to the Inner Circle?

30 day 100% no questions asked

money back guarantee

What Our Members Say


Andrew Rowlands

James saved me months of mucking around – and helped me earn at least $50,000 more in my first 12-months than I would have achieved on my own.


Rohan Puvi

Before working with James, I was a little nervous, as I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. James has provided me more structure and consistency where I’m now earning around $8,000 more per month, and I expect that number will increase significantly in the months to come. Importantly for me, I’m not working more hours, I’m just being far more effective in the time I already spend. If there was one regret, it was that I didn’t do this sooner, because it’s made a big difference to my business and life.


Shayne Betreen

Prior to working with you, I was unclear of the business direction, getting distracted by shiny objects, struggling to articulate my offering, and not keeping myself accountable.

Not only has your support helped me win more clients, it has helped significantly expand my business operations and personal mindset and with being an MFAA Excellence Award Finalist.

As I have already done, I would recommend your service to any broker who is looking to take their business or career to the next level.


Clare Monkley

Under James’ guidance, I’ve had my best ever month in 20 years. I’ve settled $5 million worth of loans and had another 3 property sales worth the same again – meaning this month alone has returned more than 800% of my annual investment.


Ree El Gadaa

Your program far exceeded my expectations. I loved the interaction, content and how it was delivered. It was a pleasure to listen and learn – and having applied only a few parts of your program in the weeks following the program, I’ve already generated 3 leads that are now my clients… the program has paid for itself many times over. Thanks!


Ange Ucci

Though I have been in finance for over 20 years, before working with you, I was lacking confidence in my personal life, which was impacting my business results.  I have since been able to get more clarity and more confidence in what I do, which has resulted in building numerous strategic relationships which is bringing me far more business.  This will be the first time I will exceed $100,000 in several years, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Are You The Right Fit?

If you’re genuinely committed to yourself, don’t you deserve to enjoy great success in your business too?

Book your initial 10-minute interview now

Want exclusive access to the Inner Circle?

30 day 100% no questions asked

money back guarantee

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