154: The Secret to Sustainable Progress in Your Mortgage Business

When it comes to a broker’s subconscious or unconscious beliefs, the issue isn’t whether these beliefs are right or wrong. It’s their real-world impact that ultimately matters. Are those beliefs serving that broker’s personal and professional goals? Or are they getting in the way of their key objectives?

In this episode of The Successful Adviser, I talk with Jane Slack-Smith, the founder of Your Property Success. And we discuss how brokers can identify and iron out the kinks in their belief system, build a more rewarding business and have a bigger impact on more people. 

Tune in to discover how brokers can work through their limiting beliefs and sustain new versions of themselves. 

The Key Questions:

  • What can brokers take away from marketing research on consumer behaviour? (3:29)
  • Is collaboration just as important as competition? (4:57)
  • Can you get rid of your beliefs? (11:27)
  • What can a mindset of abundance achieve for your business? (16:22)

What You’ll Discover:

  • The subconscious and unconscious factors that influence property-buying decisions (4:53)
  • The differences between cynics, dreamers, gamblers, and achievers (8:13)
  • The key to sustainable progress and continuous improvement (14:27)
  • Why many people build their businesses with a negative vision (15:02)

You can listen to this episode right here.

To your continued success,


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